August 19, 2011

She Always Hepy

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I've been receiving a lot of requests to update my looks. Technically, it's been ages since I've done my last look post (just refer my preview post at title My Photosh00t)...sumtimes people don like it but my blog MAA..Wh0 Cares!!!hehehe.. Meanwhile, I found these pictures in my folder on desktop and just uploading these would be easier. Pictures taken by me. It's was funny when seeing My Queen playing the joys. I'll write about my Lucky Day lunch with my family some time soon (don't know when ;)). That would probably show how outdated I am. Sorry girls. Thanks for persevering with me.

See it how much i'm lucky having a nice daughter. Certainly halves the hassle of getting ready, don't you agree?

: sempat g nak jelir lidah kat owang nyer...

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